A work in progress – which began on new year’s eve. A new ceiling installation this will be, but this time it’s going to be portable, easy to dismantle and take with me wherever I move to. It’s sort of a similar manifestation of Square Peg’s suit. I copied in cursive what I wrote as answers to a reading response from when I was in E.D. recovery. I finally completely became broken in 2013 (it was a long time coming) but the good news is that in the process I broke away from my old self. She was an embodiment of her surroundings and I don’t think I’ll be her again.

I had a really good new years eve – it felt like a profound ending, so calm. Sitting at Goat Rock Beach with a new friend, both of us working on our own new year’s art projects while watching the dying day.

I’m almost finished with the suit, I just have to add another wash and attach the strings and ribbons and link it all together. Old skins, valuable reminders.