Working Library Open House in St. Johns 

Last night I went to North Portland for an open house of a collaborative art project called “Working Library”.  It consists of two parts – the first being a visiting artist program that provides an open manifestation of what a library can be. Folks are encouraged to bring their favorite book into the space to have the front and back covers photocopied for a collective binding.

The second is that it’s an artist residency sponsored by c3:initiative, and it plans to “produce artist projects dealing in themes of publication, archive, and collection through the lens of artists of color” (WL program flyer).

Along with drinks/snacks and views of printing presses, folks could sign up for “membership” (I’m #11) – and hand print  the Working Library stamp onto turquoise miniature pencils.  I enjoyed seeing my former grad school classmate (and London traveling buddy) Anne Keech, along with meeting fellow artist Pippa Possible (and chatting on a very comfy couch to avoid the loud banter of the crowds). 

It was great to witness two of my obvious favorites combined: art and librarianship.