Project proposal for the Working Library


This month I’m working on a project that crosses over into the concept of storage and lending with libraries. It will be in the form of a donation to the Working Library in St. Johns during the month of May.  Materials and such are coming out of my pocket, so it doesn’t require applying/hoping for a grant (this is how I throw myself at opportunities/people). Here is my (slightly disjointed) written proposal:

The “Library Whale” (a working title) is one 43.5″ by 13.5″ shelf insert for one of the existing bookshelves in the WL space. The front of the shelf will be a soft wood (such as pine or cedar) with a woodcut of a beached whale stretched from end to end – (the woodcut relief echoes a thread in the theme of printmaking, zines, and DIY publishing). On the front of the shelf would be seven doors, each opening to a (broad) Library of Congress category (fine arts, science, bibliography, etc.) – each section will already have some materials donated by myself.  Visitors will be encouraged (there will be an explanatory document displayed next to the shelf) to borrow or exchange the items with something they want to donate. The shelf would be painted white to match the space. I’ll come into WL and photograph any changes/new items contributed or taken from the shelves for documentation. The explanatory document would also highlight how the symbol of the whale can connect to literary themes and memory.  Before cutting/inserting the doors, I will be making a woodblock print of the relief carving to potentially be displayed with the box.

Time to finish carving and start writing!