Using acrylic, mixed media and found materials, I methodically build up the surfaces of my paintings with layers of printed ephemera – the verbal and numerical information I could never retain in memory. I embalm these cluttered visual systems of data with washes of muted colors as an attempt to bury chaos and personal decay in a modest film of restraint. I am interested in the coexisting narratives of exposure, protection, isolation and ecology sublimated as the information under the skin of my paintings are covered and brought back to the surface. With video and music, I attempt to build up rough layers of acoustic sound and pixelation. The subject matter is simultaneously ready to decay into the landscape and come forward.

My interests in art and information have been two consistent threads. I pursued art because the subject of information internalization has been a continuous battle with short-term working memory. I have embraced this battle with fascination and love by earning my MLIS and working in academic libraries while simultaneously continuing my creative practices.

This portfolio of selected works is an ever-changing organism. To see current and past projects, please visit my blog.

I currently live and work in Portland, Oregon.