autumn at work


It is highly unlikely that I will ever teach a library course, but I’ve been curious to see what it’s all about. My colleague was kind enough to offer to let me sit in on his library instruction session for a writing class today.  He gave me a copy of the syllabus last week, I came onto campus in the morning (my circulation desk shift starts at 2), and I scribbled my usual illegible notes while he demonstrated how to utilize databases for a persuasive essay.  I was struck by how the students were actually engaged with answering questions, and how much the air of approachability makes all the difference. Speaking/demonstrating in front of a class for two hours still seems absolutely terrifying to me but I think the more I observe how it’s done, the less alien it will be.

Last Friday at my other job, I was surprised with a task of assisting my other colleague with hanging a series of illustrations from our archive in the library’s gallery in the main lobby. Elmer and Berta Hader wrote and illustrated children’s books together, and Concordia has an amazing collection of their artwork:

We picked about 10 pieces that looked close enough to Halloween-themed and did our best with hanging them according to what we thought were correct wall-to-frame measurements. We then discovered that we hung them too low, and we gifted a very appreciated student worker with the task of moving each of the frames up by 3 inches.


I decided to add a page for some photographs I’ve been taking with my pinhole camera (120 color film).  They’re certainly not the best, but it’s fun for me to play around and try different things.  Focusing on making work has been keeping me from unraveling due to the current/future state of the world.

The prints can be viewed here :


Reception at Tiny’s

I made the kind folks who showed up to my opening each fill out an answer card from my archives/preservation info table, which included a display of articles and a Hollinger catalog.

The questions were:

“If we were to become extinct, what would you want to leave behind as an artifact of yourself to be found by future inhabitants (if the earth is still inhabitable)?”

(For example: your favorite jacket, your ashes posthumously pressed into vinyl, your paintings, your writings, your skeleton posthumously bronzed with two middle fingers raised)

“What preservation processes would you take to make sure this artifact survives extreme temperatures/time?”

I’ve been thinking a lot about death and ecological ruin these days… must be something in the air…

The tiny cards are now safely behind the Z section door of the Mnemonic Whale, but I hope to eventually put them in a tiny card catalog drawer I’ll be attaching to the right side. I will definitely be welcoming more answers from folks, so I’ll be keeping a few blank cards on me when I’m out and about. In the future I’ll be putting together a handmade book expounding on these ideas from friends.

promo for show at Tiny’s

Postcard announcements finally came! I’ve been scurrying around SE Hawthorne, Belmont, and Division stapling telephone poles – I only ordered 500 cards so I won’t be able to cover all of Portland, but the nearest streets will have to do! Reception is this Thursday from 4:30 to 7pm. I’ll be bringing a few more paintings to display, and I’ll have an (optional) interactive table (it’s a surprise!).

archives prep

I finally finished the fold-up-pocket-disaster-plan for my workplace’s collections, and found a good spot for that handy-dandy-magnet-disaster-response-wheel. Still felt very inexperienced (or just unconfident?) during the interactive Orbis Cascade Alliance ArchivesSpace Implementation Choices Workshop, but I scribbled enough notes that I ended up grasping most of it by the end. My goal is to be confidently using ArchivesSpace by mid-Fall.

solo show at Tiny’s in September

I will be showing at Tiny’s Coffee near SE Hawthorne Blvd and 12th Ave during the month of September! Installation may be in the next day or so, and I will have an official flyer announcing the reception coming soon (I’m thinking for the middle of the month). I’m currently working on a painting that I’d like to swap into the exhibit later. First solo show in Portland (and in a super duper long time)!