Oh man. About 12 years ago while I was in my last two years of high school, I started making sort of a diary/graphic novel/zine thing while I was going through orthodontia prep and surgery for my underdeveloped palate and class III malocclusion. My drawing skills did not exist yet and I included forms, X-rays (those are my before and after X-rays on the left), photos and quotes from my practitioners – all with a touch of teenage snark/angst (I think I was trying to be funny) in fine point sharpie cursive. I guess it was my way of coping with what was happening, along with feeling physically insecure with an unrequited crush in high school. It’s all too embarrassing to look through now, but it’s also slightly poignant for me because back then I would’ve never thought I’d help curate an exhibit of medical archival materials about my condition. Especially at such a grand-scale, reputable library and institution like OHSU. “Lines of Disharmony” is only up for another week or so – if you are in the area, come check it out. Otherwise, I have plenty of extra exhibit pamphlets to share!