My favorite mountain


Mt. St. Helens is my favorite mountain. Granted, if she blew up right in front of me, she may not be my favorite mountain (since I’d be drowning in lethal hot ash). But in her current dormant state, I can appreciate her up close and personal. It’s more of her energy that I’m drawn to than her specific location or shape. I couldn’t quite describe what kind of energy, but my sister put it best when she sweetly said, as we were playing with our bare feet in the white dust diagonally from Spirit Lake – “This is a wounded place”.

Things that passed through my mind and our conversations during our hike in front of Mt. St. Helens (in no particular order):

– the 6th extinction
– whether La Croix is a suitable substitute for desert hydration as opposed to bottled water
– abuse
– existing and extinct ecology
– global warming
– body modification as means of protection/defense
– Roxane Gay’s book, Hunger
Native Americans
– bodies being soft verses being hard
– how orange, purple, and yellow are my favorite wildflower color combination.

The dichotomy of women’s bodies and the earth have been discussed for years and years and years. Describing parallels from my end will only ring very cliche, but I recommend reading Woman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her by Susan Griffin (1978).

(Of course I’d also be interested in finding references that stem from more recent intersectional feminist perspectives – i.e woc and non-binary).

I’m glad my sister and I are closer.

Library whale, phase 2

Due to (understandable) liability issues, I couldn’t do the wood cutting at the Southeast Portland Tool Library – but a kind volunteer suggested what I could borrow to bring home with me: a jigsaw, an extension cord, a heavy duty clamp (there was only one), a straight edge corner ruler, and two foldable plastic stands.  I already had a drill and sandpaper.  Mikhail was doing his best to be involved (until the jigsaw engine started, of course). I finally swept all the sawdust off my studio apartment floor this morning and I still need a couple more pieces cut. I guess the job interview I had last week was more successful than I thought – I got the position (although the official paperwork has not been filed yet, so I’m keeping what it is a secret until then!). 

Rusty staples and paper clips for painting surfaces đź’› I should add “staple removal” to my list of professional skills. #archives #rust #job #removal #paper #mixedmedia #process #processing #archive #doublelife